Health Services

Over 1 million Africans die every year due to poor access to health information. People living in rural communities and poor villages are the major victims of this social problem. They lack adequate access to health information, which is essential to their daily survival. Most of them rely on peer advice, common practices, and local herbs, which later endanger their lives.

Every day, men, women, and children face severe health challenges such as malnutrition, diseases, and infections as a result of poor family planning, personal hygiene, and sanitation exercises.

In the midst of these health crises, humanity is being threatened and those living in rural communities in Africa are more likely to be affected due to lack of health information and awareness.

It is very essential to begin health awareness at the early stages of individuals before they are exposed to the harsh realities that continue to plague mankind. School is the best place where young persons can learn certain realities about their health and the dangers they will likely face if they ignore to follow health instructions.

According to, Nigeria has the second highest HIV/AIDS load in the world with about 1.9 million people living with HIV, most of which are young persons. This has left over 940,000 children orphaned, homeless, and stigmatized. Many young people today are also confronted with malaria, cancer, infections, and psychiatric disorders because of ignorance.

There cannot be a healthy tomorrow if the youths today are not healthy and if they do not know what to do to be healthy. Every student in school is an ambassador of his family and community.

A child with the right health information has the potential to save his family, community and even the entire nation from a pandemic disease. It is not the information that only helps students to pass exams; it is rather the information that makes them and our world to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. This is what Efitbeyou stands for and you too can make a difference today by donating to this organisation.

Promoting Social Change

“All social change begins with a conversation” - Margaret J. Wheatley

No society has ever remained static; it is always in a constant state of flux. To build a stronger and better society, we cannot undermine the power of civil and collective discourse with the goal and intention of making a positive difference.

Insurgency, discrimination, corruption, fraud, poverty, illness, power struggles, and religious strife are some of Africa’s major social problems which cannot be addressed by an individual alone. When we gather to share ideas and listen keenly to one another’s life experiences, accepting different perspectives to the problems bedeviling our nations, we get very close to creating the society we will be proud of. Winona LaDuke said that; “there is no social-change fairy. There is only change made by the hands of individuals”.

Assembling people from all walks of life, inspiring them through conferences, talk shows and sensitization campaigns, and supporting social advocates who put social change ahead of their personal interests are parts of our schemes to build a better society for the present and future generations.

Performing Art is another strategy that we employ to correct social vices in the society. It enables us to mirror the present society, critically demonstrating the extant social anomalies and their future consequences while projecting an ideal society that sees kindness as a solution to mankind’s problems.

Social change is a function of understanding, which manifests when we drop our sentiments and interact – mirroring our present and projecting our future with open minds. That way, we build high bricks against the increasing enemies of mankind.

To save human lives and alleviate suffering

Why does life matter so much?

There is no living without life and human dignity becomes relevant when we show compassion and respect for other people’s lives.

Natural disasters and their resultant consequences, all over the world, are posing great threats to human life and dignity. Over time, flood has become a major natural disaster that has claimed many lives in Nigeria. The 2012 flood outbreak in about 30 states in Nigeria killed 363 people and rendered 2.1 million Nigerians homeless.

People are often forced to desert their homes due to man-made crises and natural disasters, and the most vulnerable among them (the sick, old, infants, pregnant women and physically challenged), who cannot withstand the heats of fleeing, get killed and bruised.

What can be done?

While we may not completely prevent flood or other natural disasters from occurring, we can respond swiftly to prevent the number of casualties. Also, all those who survive the disaster deserve humanitarian care and assistance to save their lives and alleviate their sufferings.

You can save a life today by supporting us.

To Provide basic amenities and legal services

Dozens of Nigerians die of malnutrition daily due to food crisis in the country. The growing rates of unemployment and inflation have lowered the standard of living of many people, making them incapable of providing their basic needs. People living in extreme poverty are prone to health challenges and legal intimidations from the ruling class.

Where one cannot afford cheap food to eat, what is the likelihood that they will afford health care and legal services?

Providing relief materials and legal services to these people across Africa is one of our core objectives because we have realized that even a plate of food can change one man’s future for the better.

Why do legal services matter to the poor?

With the plight of the poor in our heart, we have taken it upon ourselves to contribute to humanity by making the basic needs of man, including health and legal services, available to the poor to make them realize that there is hope for the living.

A lot of Nigerians have found themselves in prisons and cells because they cannot afford the services of Lawyers who can defend their rights in court. Most of these people get intimidated by the wealthy class and may not have any chance of survival unless their rights are defended and enforced. They lose their properties and become slaves to those who should show them compassion.

Promote and foster Education

Education is as a powerful instrument for social development and self actualisation. However, the overwhelming illiteracy in rural communities in Nigeria has become a clog to the attainment of the future of young persons living in these areas.

Among the factors denying children of quality education in rural communities, poverty stands on top of the high pyramid.

Every child deserves a quality education and the circumstances of birth, physical disability and cultural diversity should not deprive them of this right. Many of the Africa’s biggest problems today from kidnapping to terrorism, cultism and overcrowded prisons arise as a result of lack of proper education of children. These children grow up with the wrong principles and later begin to cause havoc in the society.

To save our society from disaster in the nearby future, we must capture the children now and feed them with the right principles that will benefit their future and our society. This should begin from the rural communities where most of them are found.

You can change a child’s future today by supporting this organisation.

Create employment opportunities

“Hunger is not the worst feature of unemployment; idleness is" William E. Barrett

Entrepreneurship and employment are the major drivers of economies around the world. No nation can achieve economic freedom without entrepreneurs. Many people keep clamouring for government employment without making any significant entrepreneurial effort for economic survival and financial independence.

We believe that Africa will be a better place if the supposed idle people are empowered with lucrative skills that will help to put food on their tables.

If we train 20 persons and empower them with the resources to build their brands in the labour market, we have automatically established 20 firms or factories that will later employ people. What if we train and empower 3 million Nigerians every year?

This is one vital gift we can give to humanity if we understand that the suffering of one man affects the entire human race.

To Foster non-discrimination

All human beings are born free and equal with dignity and rights, and we should act towards one another with compassion, equality, and in a spirit of brotherhood. Despite this, every day, people face different forms of discriminatory practices at workplace, in the school, in the religious places, at social gatherings, and in the domestic settings.

Equality is the beauty of mankind. The discrimination against people, especially against women, is like a Bug that sucks this beauty away from humanity. Those living with albinism, disabilities, dwarfism, HIV/AIDS, health challenges etc. are still an essential part of our existence.

What can be done to protect these people from discrimination?

Through human rights advocacy and education, we can enlighten people on the equality of all human persons and the rights available to them in specific situations. Also, our team of legal experts offers free legal services in enforcement or defence of the rights of the people against discrimination.

That way, they can live happily to achieve their life aspirations without negative feelings of rejection or social exclusion based on their peculiarities or circumstances of birth.

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